ATS Racing Side Mount Intercooler

Introducing the ATS side mount intercooler. Combining quality cores and piping along with the correct hoses and couplers. We are offering what we feel is the best value in stock location intercoolers on the market.

Each kit includes:

  • Intercooler core (pressure drop at 18psi of boost = <1 psi)
  • Correct couplers/piping
  • Body shroud
  • 700+ CFM 9" fan with ATS Shroud

It consistently handles 350whp with excellent results and up to 400whp with good results. Beyond 400whp, you should probably contact us directly for either a trunk mount kit or a water to air intercooler.

If you already have a good sidemount intercooler then check out our 9" Intercooler Fan and Shroud.

Price: $599.00

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