ATS Greddy Style Intercooler Fan and Shroud

Keeping intake temperatures down is key to performance in any turbocharged car.

Aftermarket Greddy/SSAC/Berk style intercoolers have made proven improvements over the stock intercooler. The biggest problem with the stock intercooler location is lack of airflow. Fans and shrouds have helped dramatically. However due to size constraints the largest fan commonly installed on an aftermarket air to air intercooler has been 7.5". The SPAL 7.5" puller fan is rated at 440cfm. The 9" SPAL fan is rated at 590cfm, that is a 35% improvement. However we have an even bigger treat in store for you.

790 cfm 9" fans!!

Here are pics of the ATS fan compared to a 9" SPAL (the SPAL is on the left)

First there is the S shaped blade for reduced noise.

Next is the ~50% larger motor for more power.

And the thicker power/ground wires (SPAL is bottom, ATS is top).

A new shroud was designed by ATS Racing to mount these awesome fans to Greddy style intercoolers (shown mounted on a Berk Intercooler).

We include captive nut inserts to hold the fan to the shroud.

Ready to move some air? Price includes the fan, shroud, and mounting hardware.

Price: $199.00

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