Upgraded Secondary Injectors

Price is for a PAIR of seconday injectors.  Upgrading the secondary injectors is an easy way to increase the fuel system's capabilities, and because they are only on under boost conditions, the tuning is relatively easy when using a wide band O2 sensor and our DIY tuning kit.


Size recommendations:


Stock - runs out about 290whp

370cc - 330whp

480cc - 350whp

800cc - 400whp


Horsepower numbers here are quoted at the wheels using a Dynojet 248c dynomometer. For flywheel numbers multiply by 1.19


Photo shows the 480cc option (silver). The 370cc are white, and the 800cc are black. All injectors are equipped with the correct notches for the stock retainer clip, as well as OEM style electrical connectors. 

Price: $169.00

Injector size

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