Lotus Esprit

In August of 2015 Aaron of ATS Racing bought a 1990 Lotus Esprit SE. The Lotus Esprit has been a bedroom wall dream car for many of us for over four decades. The Turbo Esprit has a bunch of good things going for it like:


2.2 liters of displacement - fairly large for a 4 cylinder turbo motor

Factory forged pistons

Aggressive factory camshafts (compared to a MR2 the cams are very close to a HKS 264)

Hackable ECU (89-95 models only)

Water to air Intercooler (SE, S4, S4s models)


Plus there are opportunities for  improvements as well:


Chip/ecu upgrades

Modern Turbocharger options

Boost control upgrades

Exhaust upgrades

Intercooler Upgrades


Follow along as we upgrade Aaron's Esprits (he has two now). As each part is tested and evaluated we will work to make it available for purchase here on our website.




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