Lotus Esprit

In August of 2015 Aaron of ATS Racing bought a 1990 Lotus Esprit SE. The Lotus Esprit has been a bedroom wall dream car for many of us for over four decades.


The Turbo Esprit has a bunch of good things going for it like: 

2.2 liters of displacement - fairly large for a 4 cylinder turbo motor

Factory forged pistons

Aggressive factory camshafts (compared to a MR2 the cams are very close to a HKS 264)

Hackable ECU (89-95 models only)

Water to air Intercooler (SE, S4, S4s models)


Plus, there are opportunities for improvements as well: 

Chip/ecu upgrades

Modern Turbocharger options

Boost control upgrades

Exhaust upgrades

Intercooler Upgrades





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