NEW! ATS CT21/27 Stage 3 Flex Fuel Combo Gen2/Gen3 300-425hp

Want to push your CT21/27 to the the limits? How does 425 horsepower sound?

  • ATS CT21 or CT27 turbocharger
  • ATS 600whp Flex fuel system and ecu combo kit
  • 170 degree thermostat


3" exhaust, Upgraded intercooler, downpipe and Aftermarket Intake are highly recommended. Dyno results range from 300 flywheel horsepower at 14 psi to 425  at 25psi. E85 is necessary for over 17 psi. 


$3100 includes refundable $300 core charge when your oldstock  turbo is returned to us in rebuildable condition. Core Return Form required for credit. See Core Notes.

Price: $3,100.00

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