Toyota has discontinued many of the internal transmission parts. Because of this we can only rebuild transmissions on a case by case basis. The processes below are estimates only.


While the stock turbo transaxle is often considered a weak point we have found when filled with quality fluid they can live long healthy lives even when bolted to 500hp engines. However if you are one of the unlucky ones who has worn synchros or an otherwise damaged transaxle it can ruin your MR2 driving experience. We offer rebuilt 91-92 turbo transaxles. There is a $850 core charge that will be refunded when we receive your rebuildable transaxle. Shipping charges are approximately $155 each way via UPS ground. Sorry, not shippable outside the contiguous 48 states. Update 9/15/2014 - 1991-1992 reverse gear aka 1-2 shift slider is discontinued. If your core transmission needs this part then it is of zero value.



91-92 Turbo Rebuilt Transaxle

Rebuilt transmissions available at approximately half of new cost.



Price: $2,450.00

93+ Turbo Rebuilt Transaxle

For a long time we did not recommend rebuilding the 93+ transmission because the cost was high compared to just buying a new one. But now the cost of a new one has risen to nearly $3500 making the cost of repairing one seem reasonable. The cost is generally higher than rebuilding a 91-92 transmission because Toyota has discontinued some of the synchros and makes you purchase a synchro/sleeve assembley now (basically replace a $40 part with a $240 part).

Price: $2,850.00

(please call for purchase)

Used 1991-1992 non-LSD transmission

Can't afford a fully rebuilt transmission? Here is a used 1991 non-LSD transmission verfied by ATS Racing to be in good working condition. Currently out of stock.

Price: $650.00

(please call for purchase)

Used 93+ transmisison with oem LSD

Used 93+ LSD transmission in good condition. Currently out of stock.

Price: $1,100.00

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