ATS TD06 combination kits 300-400 horsepower

Due to the weak dollar versus the yen the price of this turbo kit has gotten so high that you can get a GT3071R for the same price. The GT3071R spools faster and makes more power. It's a win-win!



Need the ultimate bolt on horsepower for your MR2? How does 380-400 horsepower sound?

270-370 horsepower

Each kit includes: ATS TD06 20G turbo kit, Tuned Rom, Walbro 255 fuel pump, ATS bore/ported fuel rail, ATS Fuel Pressure Regulator, and 170 degree thermostat

3" exhaust, Aftermarket Intake, and Boost Controller are highly recommended. Dyno results range from 300 flywheel horsepower at 14 psi to 380 horsepower at 17psi. Choose the dual map option (+$50) to run race gas and up to 19 psi and 400 horsepower.

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