ATS Garrett GT Series turbo kits 350-750 horsepower

ATS Racing Garret GT Series Turbocharger Kits

*Optional fully coated GT35R shown above with standard 44mm V-band WG*

The GT3082 (aka GT3040) offers similar spool to the ATS TD06 20Gbut also offers potential for 140+ additional horsepower! Customer car with GT3082 turbocharger

We made over 600whp (760 flywheel hp) on Aaron's 2.2 MR2 using our GT35R turbocharger kit.

Each ATS GT Turbo kit includes:

ATS turbocharger kits are shipped complete with all necessary attaching hardware and gaskets.

Call or e-mail for other international shipping locations (see below)

Garrett GT3071 Ball Bearing Turbo - 500rwhp

Now available with GTX Billett compressor upgrade in 71mm for more power, or 67mm for faster spool vs. standard 3071.

Price: $2,450.00


Garrett GT3076 Ball Bearing Turbo - 525rwhp

Price: $2,450.00

Wastegate configuration:

Garrett GT3082 Ball Bearing Turbo - 560rwhp

Price: $2,500.00

Garrett GT35R (GT3582) Ball Bearing Turbo - 600+rwhp

MR2 top-mount wastegate only.

New Option Available: GTX 11 blade billet compressor wheel and matching housing.

Price: $2,600.00

Turbo kit options

4" Intake with K&N Filter

Price: $160.00

Optional: Ceramic Coated Exhaust Housing

Price: $105.00

Optional: Reroute wastegate dumptube back to downpipe - MR2 only

Price: $175.00

Optional: Reroute wastegate dumptube back to downpipe - ST185 All-Trac

Price: $375.00

Optional: Ceramic Coated Downpipe, Dumptube, and Turbo Adapter

Price: $225.00

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