ATS CT27 combination kits 275-400 horsepower


We are putting these together in an awesome CT27 combo that will include the following items:


ATS Modified ECU and flow matched AFM - Gen2 only

These have 7600rm rev limiters, no boost/fuel cut, no speed limiter on US models. They are available for 91-92 US cars, 93-95 US cars and 91-93 JDM cars. I will need to know your stock ecu part number in advance, but there is no core charge! Some ECUs, specifically 93+ I do not have cores for. You will need to send your core and AFM in for the modification and tuning process.


CT27 turbocharger 


ATS modified side feed fuel rail - these are bored out from the factory 6mm to 8mm as well as ported for optimal flow


ATS modified and blueprinted fuel pressure regulator - upping the bas pressure from 42psi to 49psi makes the stock injectors behave like 500cc injectors!


170 degree thermostat - keeping cylinder heads cooler is a common trick to reduce detonation and to increase air density inside the intake runners


Walbro 255 fuel pump 


Total retail is over $2500! We are selling the combo at a discount!


You will also want to get these items sold seperately:

3" downpipe

3" exhaust: TCS Motorsports Single Muffler Dual Exhaust or TCS Motorsports Dual Muffler Exhaust or ebay 3" dual exhaust

intake/air filter

Upgraded intercooler 


on 91 octane we typically see 265whp at 16psi

on 93 octane we typically see 275whp at 17psi


Price: $2,000.00

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