ATS Racing 6766CEA Turbo Kit

This is the XL JUMBO. It is the largest turbo that I consider street-able. That is if you consider 850whp streetable. This turbo spools only slightly slower than a GT35R (200lb ft at 4500rpm is typical (But it's way faster on strokers, especially our awesome 2.3)). The standard configuration uses The DOC Race top mount exhaust manifold. It uses a 3" V band downpipe and a 44mm V-band style wastegate.

The larger H series compressor housing (4" inlet 3" outlet) is standard.


Gen2 kits are a 2 week wait. Gen3 are a 4 week wait.


Dyno from Aaron's personal MR2 running this turbo kit on E85 at ~2.8 bar of boost (42 psi)

Oh, that little line at the bottom...well that's a bone stock 91 thrown in for comparrison.



Price: $3,745.00

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