ATS Racing 6262CEA Turbo Kit

Well if the 5858 is the small, I guess this is the medium. That is if you consider 700whp a medium. This turbo spools like a GT35R (200lb ft at 4200rpm is typical (faster on strokers)) but makes over 700whp if you have the fuel and guts to support it. The standard configuration uses the awesome DOC Race top mount tubular exhaust manifold. Sorry, I don't have a PT kit here to get pics of right now so imagine with me if you will...It uses a 3" V band downpipe and a 44mm V-band wastegate.

The larger S series compressor housing (4" inlet 2.5" outlet) is standard.

Gen2 kits are a 3 week wait. Gen3 are a 4 week wait.

Price: $3,565.00

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