ATS Racing 5858CEA Turbo Kit

This is the smallest Precision turbo kit we make. This turbo spools like a GT3076R (200lb ft at 3800rpm is typical) but makes nearly 600whp if you have the fuel and guts to support it. The standard configuration uses our proven CNC wastegate adapter and your stock manifold. Sorry, I don't have a PT kit here to get pics of right now so imagine with me if you will...Externally it looks almost identical to our GT series kits except it uses a V-band downpipe and a 44mm V-band style wastegate. Our adapter is ported out to fit the larger wastegate and a V-band wastegate mount is welded on.

An upgrade to our top mount manifold is available and will come with the different oil feed and drain lines as required.

The larger S series compressor housings are available, but will not fit unless you upgrade to the top mount style manifold.


Price: $2,248.00

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