ATS Top Mount Intercooler Kit

ATS Top Mount Intercooler Kit

Finally an option that is better than a side mount intercooler, but without the complication of a water to air intercooler or the sheet metal cutting of a trunk mount. Will not fit with an AFM. Use a stand alone ecu or Gen3+ engines. Stock turbos and or gen4 intake manifolds require additional piping and labor. Check the drop down menu for additional costs. We have used this setup at 700+WHP!


The core is 215% BIGGER than a side mount intercooler core.


Tested on a customer's car with the new top mount intercooler. His mods are:

forged 2.0 (JE pistons?)
272? HKS cams
ATS Power FC
HKS cam gears
GReddy tD06 with ATS ext. WG kit
1 bar of boost
550cc injectors

348whp after 21 pulls with the new ATS Intercooler.

Then we let it cool off for a half hour and swapped the intercooler plumbing back to the HKS intercooler. 344whp. Not a huge difference. But we aren't exactly demanding a lot of the intercooler at just 1 bar (and the customer doesn't have enough fuel to go run more boost).

Here is the REAL tale. After 21..thats TWENTY ONE back to back dyno pulls with the new intercooler we saw a max intake air temp of 35 degrees C. (it's 23C ambient in the shop).

After just two dyno pulls the HKS intercooler was at 35 degrees C intake temp. After SIX dyno pulls the HKS saw a peak of 51 degrees intake temp. I am positive that the temp would rise +5 C with each following run, but I do not want to subject the customers care to pointless abuse.

Air temp was measured with a GM style fast response air temp sensor mounted in the ATS tb inlet.

Installed pics: 







Another kit pic: 

Price: $1,250.00

include BOV?

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