Link PNP ECU for 3SGTE

Link G4X PlugIn ECUs provide a straight forward way to gain full control over your engine functions while still keeping the stock appearance of the original ECU case.
The original motherboard and connector are removed from the ECU case and the Link motherboard and connector screws into the case. Remove the stock AFM, and install an IAT sensor in its place. The original harness plugs in and all original sensors are used (except for AFM, and who wants to use that anyway?).
External view of ECU case and connector is unchanged from its stock appearance.
External 4 bar plug-in map sensor that requires no wiring is available, and many different aftermarket MAP sensors can be used, or just use the stock map sensor.
Considerable gains in power across the complete RPM range can be achieved with these boards.
Allows full control over fuel, ignition timing, boost pressure, and all other engine functions. All boards have QuickTune software and optional Anti-lag.
All boards are supplied with an ATS basemap. Final tuning will be required.
GM Flex Fuel sensor support for E85.
4-pin ignition expansion connector for Direct Ignition (Coil On Plug).


The Link G4+ PNP ECU is very capable with control of up to four variable cams and support for engines up to twelve cylinders. Software has very flexible options over how the inputs and outputs are controlled, and allows the user to design their own functions to control all sorts of devices. Precise control of injectors and ignition angle are guaranteed at very low or high RPM or manifold pressures. A very high level of protection from interference and tolerance of trigger input errors has been built into this ECU, ensuring a smooth running engine even under the most demanding conditions.
Motor Sport features include: Antilag, Flatshift, Launch control.
Individual Cylinder Knock control, when external digital knock amplifier used (available separately).
Peak and hold injector drivers. Both the peak Amps and hold Amps can be set separately in the software for optimum injector control.
Closed loop control of idle speed and boost pressure makes for a "factory" idle speed stability, and precise control of boost pressure. Boost control can be set up to provide different boost in each gear or switch between boost control tables.
USB data link connector plus CAN
40 MHz Specialized Automotive Microprocessor.
Ignition control to 0.1 degree, fuel to 0.01 ms -
32 Bit Calculation -
10 Bit ADC Resolution
Max 20000 RPM
ECU to PC data link operates at up to 57600 baud for fast data update an logging using PC logger
High efficiency power supply & output drivers for reduced power consumption and reduced self-heating.
Four ignition outputs. Sequential to 4 cylinders and wasted spark up to 8 cylinders. Support for engines up to 12 cylinders with distributors.
Software selectable dwell or O/P pulse duration modes possible.
Four coil dwell, software selectable.
4-pin Ignition expansion connector for COP.
Four low current injector outputs. Optional Peak and Hold drivers available.
Spare injector and ignition outputs can be used for output control.
8 Auxiliary Outputs
6 Digital Inputs (3 on expansion connector)
6 Analog Voltage Inputs (3 on expansion connector)
2 Temperature Inputs
3 Load Inputs (MAP, TPS, MAF)
2 Trigger Inputs (Reluctor, Optical or Hall Sensors) work directly with the 3SGTE Distributor.
Camshaft & crankshaft sensor inputs are individually software configurable for hall effect & reluctor sensor types. Response speed is also software configurable for improved noise immunity.
6 general purpose digital Inputs with logic level sensitivity & pullup to +5volts. Useable for speed, switch input and camshaft position measurement.
Variable Camshaft control for up to four camshafts. VANOS and other VVT and VVT-i supported.
NTC or PTC air temp sensors, software selectable.
External map sensor support. Can be configured to use the stock 3sgte MAP sensor gen2 or gen3, or the optional ATS 4bar Map Sensor.
Internal baro sensor. Corrections for barometric changes in real time.
Control of the stock 3sgte IACV, or aftermarket stepper motor idle control, two and three wire idle control.
Tacho & Diagnostic outputs.
Communication with PC software via USB cable. (No need for Serial to USB adapters)
Compatible with GM Flex Fuel Sensor for Ethanol use.
Tuning tools, QuickTune Mixture Table, Maths Key.
Launch Control (two step rev limiter based on vehicle speed).
Flatshift (change gears without clutch at WOT using standard gearbox).
Antilag (keep turbocharger on boost during gear changes) with turbo cool down function.
Selectable ignition tables.
Up to 440 Zone Fuel Table with configurable load and RPM centers. MGP, MAP and load options.
5D Fuel Mapping.
Many correction tables for precision fuel & ignition adaption.
Digital Trigger Decoding.
Reluctor, Optical or Hall Sensors.
Programmable filtering and arming thresholds.
Configurable trigger patterns or preset triggering options, such as, Multi tooth, missing tooth, Subaru, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda, GM, Suzuki and Toyota triggers. Software selectable trigger angle.
Support for up to four rotor engines with ignition split.
Dedicated idle control with additional settings for better adaption to changing operating condition and a more stable idle.
Open loop boost control, switch boost pressures, different boost in each gear.
A/C compressor control.
Closed loop narrow band.
Closed loop wideband at WOT.
Cooling fan control.
General purpose control modules for O/P control. (use for variable fuel pump, power steering, inlet manifold air valves, extra temperature control devices etc...) some of these are capable of PID feedback control.
Mapping via manifold pressure, throttle position, manifold and throttle or manifold.
** Please email with the injector brand and size you will be using so we can get you the appropriate basemap. **


Price: $1,350.00


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