400whp/500hp Flex fuel kit for Gen4/5

Ready to turn your Gen4/5 up to the next level? We put together a package using 875cc top feed injectors. We modify these so they work with the Gen4/5 top feed fuel rail. This saves you money. This package comes with all the popular EMU options such as boost control, knock control, wideband o2 sensor, and flex fuel sensor. The base map is already setup for flex fuel use too! This is a great choice for Sweet16, GT28RS or GT3071R (or GTX or G25 series) users who want to go beyond the capability of the stock ecu. Gen5 version will need either gen4 type connectors on the engine harness (many venders did this before the gen5 immobilizer was hackacble) or will need EMU connectors installed directly on the engine harness.



** GEN5 NOTE: Gen5 is not plug and play. Wiregap is making adapter harnesses or you can send your harness to WireGap for them to install EMU connectors directly on it. You will not need the PNP adapter and will receive a $100 discount from us. **




EMU System includes:

1 EMU Classic Engine Management System

1 PnP adapter box and jumper harness

Base Map



EMU Options included:

PnP Boost Control Solenoid

Flex fuel sensor with hose adapters

Flat Response Knock Sensor Kit

Wideband O2 sensor kit



More ECU options available on our website 


Fuel System includes:

4 ATS 875cc high impedance top feed injectors

 pins/clips for injector wiring - PnP adapters available



Save over the individually priced components!

Price: $2,050.00

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