Straight Runner Intake Manifold

Introducing the new ATS Straight Runner Intake Manifold. The head flange was designed and modeled with CAD software to perfectly match the ATS Phenolic Spacer and the cylinder head, for optimal flow. It is a true straight runner design, no compromises, unlike others on the market. You can literally see the intake valve down the runner from the plenum. The flange is 3D (5-axis) CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminum for a flawless fit, and it looks cool too. Installation will require modifications to your vehicle, and a trunk mount intercooler is recommended.

On a customer's 700whp MR2 our true straight runner intake spooled faster and made 50+ hp and 60+ lb. ft.  MORE than a competitor's "tapered straight runner" manifold that uses bent runners to avoid the cost of a properly 3D machined flange. Their design narrows the intake port height, or effectively makes the intake air charge make a Z turn, ruining the flow and velocity.


Dyno Graph at 17psi compared to the stock intake manifold: Your eyes are not deceiving you, that is a 63rwhp GAIN, with no losses anywhere to the stock IM.

Stock VS ATS SRIM 17psi

And the same car at 24.5psi: Again, no losses over the stock manifold, only gains.

Stock VS ATS SRIM 25psi




** NOTE: Throttlebody location options below refer to US-spec vehicles (i.e., left hand drive) **

Price: $1,100.00

Throttlebody Position

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