ATS Racing Throttle Body Inlet

Replace the factory restrictive funnel shaped throttle body inlet on 91-92 Turbo MR2's with our straight through design. The original CNC Machined Inlet and still the only inlet on the market with actual dyno tests. Dyno proven to add 6 horsepower and 8 lb ft. of torque on mildly modified MR2's and over 20hp on highly modified MR2's.


Comparison of ATS Throttle Body Inlet (shown above polished versus Stock Throttle Body Inlet)



ATS Racing Throttle Body Inlet shown installed on a 91 MR2



Dyno testing showed 6hp on a 270 whp MR2 at ATS Racing. 400hp cars have shown 20+ rwhp!


Price: $65.00

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