ATS High Performance CV Joints/Axles

These are being discontinued due to supplier price increases and minimum order quantities. We have nine seven six sets remaining and after that they are gone forever.


driver's image

The Driver's Image MR2 runs 9's on ATS Racing Chrome Moly CV Joints


The stock turbo MR2 inner CV joints become a weak point as early as 300rwhp on drag radials. We have seen stock CV joints break on street tires at 400rwhp. After destroying 2 sets of axles at the drag strip in 2003 we engineered a new product to overcome the factory limitations. The result is our ATS Chrome Moly Inner CV Joints. The cage is thicker and built from stronger steel than the OEM piece. The inner race is slightly smaller than the OEM piece to allow for the stronger cage. The pieces are specially heat treated as well. Set includes 2 inner races, 2 outer joints and 12 polished ball bearings. Installation time is approximately 3.5 hours. Most local axles shops will assemble the joints for $75 per side.


Don't forget a Redline Transmission Refill Kit

stock (left) and ATS (right)  

jeff fazio

Jeff Fazio's race car uses ATS CV Joints. Shouldn't you?

Price: $499.00

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