ATS CT16 Gen4 Upgrade Kit

Combo kit includes:

Sweet 16 - CT16 turbocharger upgrade (must send us your core)

EMU pnp ECU - full fuel and ignition computer. Also includes ATS instructions specifically for the Gen4 application and ATS base maps for tuning

Electronic boost control kit - the EMU offers RPM dependant boost control so you can compensate for boost loss from increased back pressure

EMU knock sensor

ATS 875cc top feed injectors - DROP IN FIT! with harness adapters too!


The EMU ECU is flex fuel compatible, so you can run gas and E85. Flex fuel sensor sold seperately. The boost level changes with settings automatically too!

This kit offers a $150 savings over these items purchased seperately!

If you don't already have an upgraded fuel pump GET ONE at a discounted price with the combo kit.

Add an EMU wideband for accurate datalogging of air fuel ratios.

360whp on an unopened Gen4 with E85!


Price: $2,700.00


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