GT3071R Kit Combo with Top Feed Fuel and ECUMaster EMU

We decided to offer one of our most powerful turbo systems, fuel system, and our favorite stand alone ecu in one easy to order package. We have used this setup on dozens of 450-480whp E85 applications (that's up to 600 flywheel horsepower!). This package comes with all the popular EMU options such as boost control, knock control, wide band and flex fuel sensor. The base map is already setup for flex fuel use too! Stock motors repeatedly see 310whp on pump gas and 360+whp on E85. Forged motors with cams, cam gears and metal head gasket are typically 350whp on pump and 450+ on E85! Top mount intercooler not included, but recommended. 


GT3071R Turbo kit



ECU System includes:

1 EMU Engine Management System

1 PNP adapter box and jumper harness

Base Map



EMU Options included:

PNP Boost Control Solenoid

Flex fuel sensor with hose adapters

Flat Response Knock Sensor Kit

Wideband O2 sensor kit

Optional Gen2 Manifold Air Temp Sensor with CSI mounting plate




Fuel System includes:

This is a complete top feed fuel system upgrade:

1 ATS Top Feed Fuel Rail Kit (Gen2 or Gen3)

1 set of four 1200cc top feed injectors 

1 fuel feed line with filter adapter - plug-n-play to our rail no cutting hoses/installing fittings

1 ATS FPR adapter - use your oem FPR with our rail - this part alone saves your over $200 in buying/making lines/fittings, etc. We have tested this at 550whp.

4 feet of 1/4 fuel return hose

2 feet of 1/8 vacuum hose for FPR

4 PNP injector connectors 

Price: $4,750.00

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