ATS Racing oil feed and drain line kit for CT Turbos

ATS Racing oil feed and drain line kit for CT Turbos


Finally available! AN line oil feed and AN line oil drain for CT type turbos. These fit the CT15, CT16, CT20, CT21, CT26, and CT27! Replace that old kinky hard line. These make a huge difference on ease of installation of CT turbos. These work with all know downpipes, but are not guaranteed to work with a stock cat. So off road use only of course. 


Installation is easiest with the turbocharger off the car.  Install the block adapter with included sealing washer on the block. Install the drain adapter on the pan. Reuse the original washer (gen2) or gasket (gen3, 4, 5). A little RTV or FIPG is OK on this part ONLY. Do not use RTV or FIPG anywhere else because it's possible that any excess can get washed into the turbo by the oil flow and jam up some internal oil passages. Install the oil drain hose on the turbo flange and approximate the position using the photos shown here. The fitting should point a little bit towards the block. This causes the drain line to route around the downpipe better. Depending on how the fitting tightens up you may need to grind/sand/file on the fitting a little bit to get enough clearance for the flange to sit flat on the turbo. I like enough clearance to slide a piece of paper between the fitting and the compressor housing.  See below for more photos. Gen3,4,5 version is shown off the engine, gen2 is shown installed on the engine. 


We also offer a 5S version that includes an 1/8NPT to -4 fitting for the block side. You can also choose a longer line version to get oil off the cylinder head oil pressure sensor port instead of the block. 









Price: $185.00

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