Posted by Aaron Bunch on Jul 21 2023

While doing construction and organization at ATS I managed to find parts to build FIVE rom tunes, and maybe as many as eight. It depends on some decription stuff we are working on. So we are putting these together in an awesome CT27 combo that will include the following items:


ROM Tune - Gen2 only

These will be loaded with our custom maps, 7600rm rev limiters, no boost/fuel cut, no speed limiter. They are available for 91-92 US cars, 93-95 US cars and 91-93 JDM cars. I will need to know your stock ecu part number in advance, but there is no core charge!


CT27 turbocharger 

These will be loaded up with options too, like our new 1 bar adjustable pre-load wastegate actuators, ported wastegate, ATS billet water plate and of course our proprietary modifications to the turbine and compressor housings and our billet compressor wheel.


ATS modified side feed fuel rail - these are bored out from the factory 6mm to 8mm as well as ported for optimal flow


ATS modified and blueprinted fuel pressure regulator - upping the bas pressure from 42psi to 49psi makes the stock injectors behave like 500cc injectors!


170 degree thermostat - keeping cylinder heads cooler is a common trick to reduce detonation and to increase air density inside the intake runners


Walbro 255 fuel pump 


You will also want to get these items sold seperately:

3" downpipe

3" exhaust: TCS Motorsports Single Muffler Dual Exhaust or TCS Motorsports Dual Muffler Exhaust or ebay 3" dual exhaust

intake/air filter: TCS 3" 3SGTE Air Intake Kit

Upgraded intercooler 


on 91 octane we typically see 265whp at 16psi

on 93 octane we typically see 280whp at 17psi

on 98 octane (mix race fuel and pump gas) we see 310-320whp (that's 400 flywheel, basically DOUBLE the stock horsepower) at 21psi