Posted by Aaron Bunch on Apr 17 2023

300whp goals


I'm sure there is an earlier blog entry on this, but as time changes, new products come out, old products disappear, etc, etc the list changes.


One of the most common goals we see for a MR2 is “What does it take to reach 300whp?” Twenty years ago (yes, I have been doing this THAT long), the list involved a full rebuild and a lot of luck and witchcraft. Today it has been done so many times that it's much simpler:


Gen2, 3, 4, 5 cheapest path:


ATS CT16, 21, or 27

Billet Wastegate option

Ported wastegate option


3” exhaust ($200 ebay is fine)

3” downpipe


550cc injectors (these are standard on gen3,4,5)

GENUINE Walbro Fuel pump – This is the largest pump you can use with the stock fuel pressure regulator

Bored fuel rail – gen2 only


Side mount intercooler with 9” ATS fan and shrouds


Stand alone ecu with the following options:

boost control

knock control


We sell and support Link and ECUMaster ECU's. You may use another brand depending on your tuner's choice. We offer remote tuning for Link and ECUMaster.


Now comes the tricky part. You are going to need to run about 17psi at 6100rpm at about 18 degrees of ignition timing. What's so hard about that? Well, not all motors can do it. Some of these, Gen2 especially are 200,000 mile motors that have been running a bad stock tune on a worn out AFM for ten years and have an incredible amount of carbon built up inside them. This carbon creates hot spots, increases compression ratio, and dramatically increases the octane needs of the engine.