Posted by Aaron Bunch on May 5 2022

Here is the basic run down of how we treat warranties. 


New motors - 1 year warranty on everything. This does not include oiling problems (bad oil, lack of oil, etc). This also does not cover tuning problems like too much boost, lack of fuel, or lack of octane. 


Rebuilt turbos like CT16, CT21, CT27, and upgraded CT26's - six months from date of shipping. Unlimited mileage.  Warranty does not cover oiling problems such as oil contamination, or using the wrong oil. If there is an argument that your oil was "good enough" then we will request that you send a sample to Blackstone for proof. This has actually saved people money in the past because they have found out their rod bearings were failing and sending shrapnel into the turbo through the oiling system. The oil test caught it before the rod knock fully developed and potentially sent a rod through the block.   Turbos have to be sent back to ATS for inspection or repair. 


New turbo kits - the kit has a 1 year warranty EXCEPT the turbo. The turbo would be covered by Garrett or Precision. Garrett offers absolutely no warranty on any of their turbos. I know that sounds scary, but I can count the number of defective or worn out GT series turbo I have seen in twenty years on one hand. Kits have to be sent back to ATS for inspection or repair.


Engine swaps - 30 days. This also does not cover tuning problems like too much boost, lack of fuel, or lack of octane. We dyno test every swap when it's complete. So as long as you don't go crank up the boost controller you should be fine.  Does not cover oil leaks on any seal that is not new and replaced at the time of the swap. For example, we install a timing belt kit with new cam seals and one seal leaks. You are covered. Let's say you forgo the timing belt job on the swap and once it's installed we find out the cam seal is bad. You are not covered.


Other stuff - these cars are old. An engine rebuild, or engine swap is not a new car or a new car guarantee. For example if your fuel tank is rusty and clogs up the fuel pump/fuel filter and causes the engine to run lean that is not the fault of the new motor and is not covered under any warranty. 

Travel/distance – It's up to you to get the defective part/car/etc back to ATS Racing. On very rare occasions we have authorized another shop to do warranty work. It would absolutely have to be a top tier MR2 shop such as TCS or KO Racing that we have a preexisting relationship with.


Parts – all parts are covered by their manufacturer's warranty. If they don't have a warranty then you don't have a warranty. Sorry.


Labor – We warranty our labor on parts we install for one year. So if I put a new alternator on your car and the nut comes loose on the 364th day, bring the car back to me and I will fix that. If you brought me a used alternator and wanted me to install it for you and 364 days alter the nut came loose, well I'm going to cover that too because it was my mistake that allowed the nut to leave here too loose. If you brought me a new alternator to install and it fails the very next day, that is on you unless the failure was because of an installation error on my part.


No other warranties are expressed or implied.


If you have read this far I probably owe it to you to explain why after 20 years in business I have to explain this.....a client in Italy is demanding a warranty on his turbo that he purchased and installed EIGHT YEARS AGO. Like dude, even new car warranties aren't that long. Feel free to compare our warranty policies with any other performance shop in the world. You will most likely find that we are on par or better in every way.