Posted by Aaron Bunch on Sep 23 2020

Rom Tune ECUs are no longer available. This pains me to write this, because this was one of our oldest and most famous products. We started selling these around 2005. Unfortunately, the “scramble chip” is no longer available and has been discontinued for years (like ten). I did my best to keep this product alive but we have finally run out of daughterboard inventory. There is a small group in the UK attempting to make a newer version, but so far it has not been compatible with the majority of US ecu’s.

We still have the hardware and software to do chip tuning, so if you have an ATS (or GForce) ecu we can still retune that for you. That page will remain active.

The bright side: We are changing our combo kits over to include plug and play ecu’s from Link and ECUMaster. We have been working with these brands for many years. They have great quality products that are easy to install and easy to use. We will be including base maps, but because these ecu’s are MAP based and not AFM based they will not automatically compensate for airflow changes like the rom tune so a wideband O2 sensor is mandatory for you to verify your tune. We also highly recommend our flat response knock sensor because the stock knock sensor is too noisy to provide viable information. The LINK pnp ECU fits inside the stock ecu case and is basically undectable when installed.

The brighter side: These are REAL ECU’s that are not locked or encrypted so they can grow with you and your needs. The ECUMaster EMU is the same ecu that I use on my 800+whp MR2. They are both MAP sensor based and eliminate the AFM. The Link can use the stock turbo pressure sensor up to 17psi of boost (3 and 4 bar map sensors available on the ECU accessory page), and the ECUMaster has a built in 4 bar MAP sensor that can read up to 45psi of boost! Both ECU’s can accept flex fuel sensors so E85 tuning is also possible (we typically see 360whp on a stock motor with CT27 and E85!!).

Over the next few days I will be updating our combo kits and their options.


Note - as of 9/23/2020 I have enough parts left to build 1 or 2 rom tunes. If you absolutely have to have one and cannot use a stand alone ecu then please email us at