ATS Racing

ATS Racing Dynojet 248C

Tuning has always been the heart of ATS Racing. Utilizing our in house Dynojet model 248C chassis dynomometer, we are able to tune your engine to it's maximum potential. Whether it's adjusting your Apex Super AFC, burning a custom ROM for your Toyota or Nissan, or precisely tuning your Autronic, or AEM we have the skills do it all.

If you need a serious, experienced tuner for your ultra high performance car, then you should look no further. We have experience in tuning popular piggy backs such as Apexi’ SAFC, fuel pressure regulators, adjustable cam gears, and all the basic add ons. We also have experience tuning Autronic, AEM, Motec and DFI stand alone ECU's. Got another system that we haven't tuned? No problem. If it can be tuned, and we haven't tuned it yet, we can learn it!

Own a shop but not a dyno? Wish to do you own tuning for yourself or your customers? We have an outstanding wholesale/discount program which will allow you to tune your customer's cars using our facilities. This will solidify your relationship with your customer, and giving you yet another way of servicing your customer from sale to service, start to finish.

Pics from May 15, 2004 Dyno Day
Pics from May 29, 2004 Ferrari Dyno Day

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