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ATS Engine Swaps

One of the most common questions we get is "How do I make my NA MR2 faster?" The 5S-FE is basically a Camry motor and does not have the cams or cylinder head for serious power. You could spend $4000 buying and installing a header, intake, cams, ported head, exhaust and an AFC and maybe, just maybe pick up 30 extra horsepower.

For $4000 ATS Racing can basically double your current horsepower.

The ATS Racing Basic JDM Turbo Engine swap with installation includes the following

  • JDM 3S-GTE Engine
  • JDM E153 Transmission
  • Axles and hubs
  • Wiring harness with ECU and all necessary sensors
  • JDM CT26 Ceramic Turbine Turbocharger
  • Intercooler and Pipes with BOV

All installed and tested for $3700

The ATS Racing premium swap package includes all the above components plus

  • 3" Primary Cat Back Exhaust (brand may vary)
  • Boost Gauge
  • High Performance Intercooler Fan
  • Manual Boost Controller
  • Eliminate Fuel Cut
  • Dyno Test/Tune (set boost/timing only)

Installed, Tested and 30 Day Guarantee* for $4000

For a limited time only, this package includes Limited Slip Differential

ATS offers Premium Plus ala carte options at the time of the swap at discounted labor rates such as Clutch Master's clutches, timing belts, oil Seals, downpipes, turbocharger upgrades, etc. We can custom tailor any swap to your exact budget and performance requirements.

ATS can also perform the MK1.5 swap (3S-GTE into 85-89 MR2) as well as 3rd Gen Swaps (subject to engine availability) and even automatic to 5 speed swaps.

ATS swap history

ATS Racing did their first turbo engine swap in August 2000. Since then we have done over 50 swaps. We have installed all years/generations of JDM 3S-GTE motors into all years of MKI and MKII MR2's. Don't trust your car to a hack mechanic. We've done over a dozen swap repair jobs (botched wiring and incomplete JDM swaps/clips are usually to blame). Call or e-mail us to discuss your needs.

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